Laurent Dobuzinskis, PhD

Department of Political Science, Simon Fraser University

Policy, Philosophy and Economic Thought

Tracking an intellectual journey from social science philosophy to the history of political and economic ideas.

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About Laurent

I am an academic with a diverse research background. Early in my career, I explored complex systems theory and the role of ideas in governance.

I have progressively moved more and more in the direction of the “economy” side, looking from the angles of economic theory and political philosophy.

I have authored books, co-edited volumes, and published articles on various topics, from public policy and political economy to political theory.

Recent Publications

My two most recent books delve into political economy.

In Dobuzinskis (2022), I provide an account of the development of economic thought, exploring the extent to which economic ideas are rooted in moral values.

In the following Dobuzinskis (2023), I present an overview of the models used by economists to define and measure inequalities and the ongoing dialogues between political philosophers and economists in an effort to find solutions to the problems.

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My current research focuses in political economy, especially on the role of knowledge in policy-making and proposing asset-based policies for economic fairness.

I am also interested in exploring connections with other schools of thought and examining the distinctions between Continental European and Anglo-American liberal traditions.


I currently divide my teaching into three main themes:

  • Methodology and Epistemology,
  • Political Economy, and
  • Political Theory and Philosophy.